I111: Baking Set

Key data

Category: I - Imagination

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 3 years+

Number of pieces: 20

Number of unique pieces: 14


1 Wooden chopping board

1 Red & white oven mitt

1 Stainless steel bowl

1 Steel loaf tin

1 Black muffin pan

1 Red bear-shaped tin

1 Wooden rolling pin

1 Wooden spoon

1 Wooden spatula

1 Wooden/plastic pastry cutter

1 Small whisk

5 Red measuring spoons

1 Blue measuring jug

3 Red shape cutters - heart, star, men (1 currently missing)


Description: Tins are oven-safe. Please wash carefully before and after use. Please ensure all pieces are dry before placing back in bag.

Alerts and warnings